- 2 channels XLR/TRS combo Line/Mic input
- 1 Stereo RCA channel
- 1 1/8" AUX channel
- 1 Bluetooth connexion
- 2 UHF microphones
Outputs: 1 TRS mix output
Loudspeaker: 12" loudspeaker + 1.35" titanium driver, total impedance: 4 Ohms
Power: 150W RMS/DC 250W RMS/AC Class D amplifier
Response curve: 55 - 20k Hz
Sound pressure level: 118 dB SPL max

HF microphone:
- UHF Diversity with 16 frequencies
- Handheld cardioid-dynamic microphone
- Frequency range UHF 823-832 and 863-865 Mhz - 10 mW

- Built-in USB key / SD card reader and Bluetooth® receiver
- Supplied with an infrared remote control

- The player features a Bluetooth® receiver
- Type V2.0 AVRCP, with an excellent, close-to-digital audio transmission

Settings and indicators
- Independent level settings for each channel
- Low and treble equalizer from -12dB to + 12dB
- Echo and Delay effects on the microphone channels
- Power and Limit Indicator
- Battery charge indicators

Polypropylene housing, metal mesh grill. C36 mounting plate for speaker stands
Dimensions (mm): 615 x 350 x 395
Net weight (incl. batteries): 24.5 kg
Batteries: 2x 18V / 7Ah Lead Acid
Autonomy: 6 hours depending on the volume
Charging time: 8 hours to recharge the two 12V batteries

Power management
- LED display to indicate the charge level. Charge it and use it at the same time.
- Automatic shutdown if the battery level is too low.

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Verhuur Audiophony CR25A-COMBO

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